External Ordering Page


There are some situations where the embed code does not work, and in these instances we use an external ordering page. The External ordering page links to your own website so that it does not feel entirely separate. Please view the example below. You can click on the home tab or on the logo to return to this page

External ordering page example

Click on the button below to visit the external ordering page example. Please take note of how it reflects the style of this website. The purpose is to make it seem that you are not going to a completely different website when placing an order. If you click on the Home tab or click on the Logo you will return to this page.

When is it required

The embed code does not function correctly on some Content Management Systems as it requires Javascript to function, which is not possible on some Content Management Systems.

The embed also requires an SSL Certificate in order to process online payments. In some cases where it is not possible to avail of an SSL Certificate Flipdish will use an External Ordering page so that online payments can be processed.

Available Customisations

The following can be updated on the website:

Fonts: We can change the fonts to any font you wish for the ordering system and another font can be used for the navigation tabs at the top of the page
Colour: The colour of the header and the navigation tabs can be changed to match your website. The primary colour of the ordering system can also be changed but please note that it should be legible on a white background